Keeping on the Same Page

Many firms and organizations have a large number of people working for them. It can be very difficult to make sure that everyone is on the same page. It is important in a firm, including in PRowl, to make sure that everyone working on the account all knows the same information. Struggling with some members’ absences from meetings, PRowl has begun using Client Contact Reports. Since we initiated this procedure a few weeks ago there has been far less confusion and questions about the internal and external workings of the firm.

A Client Contact Report isn’t just helpful to keep your members together, it is also helpful for the client to be copied on it.

This report is used every time the account team comes into contact with their client. The reason for the contact could be a brainstorm, proposal, general meeting, etc. No matter what the importance, a written document of the meeting should be created. This will also help when looking back to the meeting in the future.

Some things in a Client Contact Report include all, but not limited to:
-Client Name
-Date, Time and Location of Contact
-Account Members present and Title
-Reason for Client Contact

The notes section of the report is the most important. This is where you will write everything that was discussed during the meeting, and is most helpful to those who were not present. The notes do not have to be formally written, bullets will do as long as all of the information is clear and concise.

After creating the client contact report, attach to an email, include all account members and the client, spell check (always a must), press SEND and be on your way to the same page!

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