What Sex and the City did for the City

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that the much-awaited Sex and the City movie premiered this weekend. The film brought in $55.7 million this weekend.

Here’s what I have been thinking though. Can you imagine what the show and the movie have done for tourism in the big apple? Increased it, that’s for sure.

According to this article, women come to NYC from all over the country to see the landmarks that the four fabulous woman of SATC made famous. Forget seeing the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty..those are merely…historical. Fans of the show flock to the city to see Carrie’s stoop, the stores the girls shopped at, and different restaurants made famous by the show.

A Sex and the City “Hotspots” tour even exists that takes women on a tour of all of the aforementioned placed. According to the article, the city has even launched a website to help travelers plan a Sex and the City themed trip.

The city must be thrilled that they have gotten all of this free publicity just from a simple HBO series, that turned into a phenomenon.

I wonder when someone will come up with a TV show or movie that captures the fabulousness of the city of brotherly love…

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