Oh, Politics…

Half-votes? People are reduced to having half a vote? Half a say in our government’s crucial decisions?

This decision was made yesterday at a meeting held by the rules committee of the Democratic National Committee, as reported by The New York Times in this article.

I just don’t understand. It’s not the people of Florida and Michigan’s faults that their party leaders made a pretty dumb decision. The funny thing is the joke is on Florida and Michigan’s party leaders because by moving themselves up, they made themselves less important, because this primary year, many of the major contests like Pennsylvania did not occur until April and the election which is usually decided by that point, was not.

I watched some of the CNN coverage yesterday, and was just floored by the things that were said. It seemed that everyone wanted one thing: for the people of Michigan and Florida’s voices to be heard. So how did we come to this strange decision?

I was also floored by the divisiveness of the Democratic Party. At the meeting, both Clinton and Obama supporters stood and rallied for their candidate, forgetting that we are all part of the same party.

This campaign is getting to be a little too much for me to handle…anyone else feel the same way?

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