A Sexy Stereotype

So since, there is such great excitement and anticipation for the new “Sex and the City” movie coming out May 27th… and we are a Public Relations blog… lets discuss the character Samantha Jones and her role as a public relations practitioner.

There are many stereotypes and opinions concerning the image of the public relations profession. People often associate public relations with partying, meeting exciting people and just having a good time. More than frequently the characters represented in the entertainment industry, like movies and television shows, portray misleading images of the public relations field.

Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, is one of the main characters in the HBO television series “Sex and the City.” She is the owner of a public relations firm, but hardly demonstrates her role as PR professional to viewers. Instead, audiences focus on her dressing up, meeting interesting people, throwing parties as well as attending them, all in a days work.

The reality of public relations can be quite the opposite. Though of course, there may be some people in the public relations field that do dress lavishly, attend the best parties and meet extraordinary people, it is hardly common. These stereotypes can often be negative in scope and affect people’s opinions about public relations.

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