The Final Evaluation

Tonight in an account meeting we started the final evaluation for our client. Here are some tips we came up with while brainstorming:

-While you are working with your client, keep referring back to the evaluation section of your PR plan. As one thing finishes, write something down right away to remind you how you will evaluate it instead of scrambling at the end.

-Make sure the evaluation follows your PR plan. Answer the evaluation in the same order that it is on the plan.

-Refer back to your plan so you know what you are evaluating.

-Include both positives and negatives (of the firm and the client).

-At the end, be sure to mention how things could have been done differently. If you didn’t meet your goal, explain why and how it could have been done differently.

-Give suggestions for future work that is similar to the work you have just done. This way you know what to stray away from and what to try for next time.

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