Shake It!

Tips for a great handshake, yes… handshake.

• Always use your right hand.
• While shaking the person’s hand, approach them head on and make eye contact while shaking.
• Make sure to meet hands in the proper place; your thumbs and fingers should meet naturally.
• Get a grip; try to find a happy medium, your firm should be just firm enough to express a confidence about yourself. Not too hard, not too soft.
• If your hands are sweaty or wet, try and dry them before shaking anyone’s hand. (You can easily and discreetly wipe them on your pants if necessary.)
• Be prepared to shake a person’s hand. Hold things with your left hand so you’re always ready!
• In a professional environment, don’t add any funky twists. Nowadays creative alternatives are trendy among younger adults and kids. But, it is really important to keep it simple, classic and professional.
• Also, remember to let go of their hand!

A handshake can express many messages. It can communicate positive qualities such as, confidence, interest and responsibility, or it could be detrimental by conveying weakness, lack of confidence and incompetence.

Handshaking is ritual in meeting people. Just the same, it is often a determinant in interviews and first impressions

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