PRowl Public Relations Announces New Staff Members

Congratulations to the new Board of Directors, leaders, and staff members! Here’s to a fabulous summer, fall, and spring semesters!

Board of Directors
Jaime Scofield, Firm Director
Crystal Wang, Assistant Firm Director
Melissa Marsili, Assistant Firm Director
Jessica Lawlor, Director of Public Relations
Reilly Fies, Director of Finance

Keith Flanagan, Creative Director
Jade Barnes, Secretary
Samantha Sultzer, Fundraising Coordinator
Kim Sherman, Website Designer
Andrew Bowman, Account Executive
Josie Fox
Kayleigh Nance
Olivia Ragni

General Staff
Ashlee Chisolm
Brianna Fisher
Ashley Kraynak
Stephanie Loiero
Laura Macenka
Ashli Roberts
Rachael Robinson
Sydney Rubin

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