Visualizers of the 21st Century

As a PR practitioner, you can never forget the importance of images. People these days pay more attention to pictures, and some actually learn more from them. There are visualizers and verbalizers. Visualizers learn best through use of images and verbalizers learn best through use of words. Today, we are mostly the former.

We are a world with non-stop lifestyles, and pictures can get the message across quickly. Pictures also grab attention much better than a lengthy article. If the audience likes the picture they will most likely read on. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

If sending a press release or making a brochure, always include pictures if possible. In a press release, either tell the reporter there are pictures available upon request (they should be high resolution), or attach them in the email.

If you’re trying to increase tourism in a tropical island, show them pictures! Grab the reader with a picture of a warm sunny beach and then let them read on about all of the great aspects of the island.

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