Body Language

Even before you speak, people are paying attention to you through non-verbal communication. Body language accounts for over 50% of what you communicate, people are only paying attention to about 7% of what you say! So here are some helpful tips to consider in concerns to body language:

1) Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact, it shows respect and genuine interest. Just try not to stare.

2) Posture: Stand up straight! Slouching or bad posture shows lack of self-confidence.

3) Arms: Your arms express openness, so keep them relaxed, at your side or behind your back. Don’t cross your arms in front of others unless you want to express a negative feeling.

4) Avoid distractions: Sometimes we do things subconsciously and we don’t even realize it. Try to avoid playing with your clothes, hair, jewelry or any thing else on your person. Also, if you’re taking notes at a meeting, don’t doodle or play with the pen or paper, as these are interpreted as you being bored or not paying attention.

5) Smile: Smiling is one of your greatest body language tools. Don’t smile constantly, but show you are approachable, friendly and happy to be there.

Body language is a serious thing to consider when meeting with someone or making a first impression. Be aware of yourself. Take into account what your body is expressing and try to practice these helpful tips often!

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