The PA Primary: Which campaign will prevail?

Today is a big day in PA — the Pennsylvania Primary.

People all over our state will be hitting the polls to choose their favorite candidate. We, as PR people, know that political campaigns are all about strategy and persuasion. What’s the PR perspective?

Hillary and Barack have both had their share of PR moments. Hillary’s crying incident and sniper-fire snafu. Barack’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright and his comments about “bitter” Pennsylvanians. Egos have been bruised on both sides.

As much as we talk about truth in political campaigns, the candidates are still human. With so many appearances and speaking engagements, they’re bound to slip up. Our job as PR people in the political sphere is to stop these things from happening- to push the strategic messages and teach candidates how to bridge when asked questions they aren’t ready to answer.

As we enter into the final months of the 2008 election, keep your eyes open for the power of PR. Take note of things the candidates do well and the things that could use some help.

Feel free to comment about what you’ve seen from our candidates– we want to know what you think about the election from a PR perspective!

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