PR…and cake?

As I was watching one of my favorite TV shows on the Food Network yesterday, Ace of Cakes, I realized that PR truly is everywhere.

The show is about a man named Duff who opened a custom cakes shop called Charm City Cakes in 2000. After getting a lot of exposure from his amazing cakes, the Food Network decided to create a reality show around the business, taping the everyday operations of the shop.

Duff and his crew have made some truly incredible cakes. Check out their website here.

On the episode I saw yesterday, Charm City Cakes created a cake for Southwest Airlines. They replicated an actual plane. Let’s take a moment and think about this. Who gets the PR here? Well, both companies. Southwest got PR by deciding to use Charm City Cakes and from having their segment shown on the air. And…Charm City Cakes gets PR by showing the world that their cakes are good enough that a big time company like Southwest chose to use them.

In the past, the show has done cakes for the Radio City Hall Rockettes, the Baltimore Zoo, the Broadway premiere of Hairspray, and a cake of the Hogwarts Castle for the LA premiere of the fifth Harry Potter movie.

It’s interesting to think who benefits from the exposure…well, in this case, both companies definitely do!


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