"The Boss" of Breslow Partners offers her insight

On Wednesday, April 16, I had the opportunity of speaking to one of the city’s finest entrepreneurs. Her name is Tina Breslow and she went from being a single mother of 3 to “The Boss” at her very own agency. Breslow Partners is a full service public relations agency located near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Tina, who has been in the industry since 1974, can tell you how to pull off the opening of a 43-story, $1.1 billion Hotel Casino and Spa, and pull it off well. How? Because she’s done it. Tina Breslow and her fellow staffers were responsible for the opening of The Borgata in Atlantic City. With Breslow Partners’ skill and creativity, they drew 450 members of the media to the grand opening and were featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today. The Borgata is just one of Breslow Partners many impressive clientele.

The following are various tips from Tina on the world of PR and how to pave your way in it:

How to build relationships with the media:
-Build your name and reputation by being TRUSTWORTHY!
-The media will respect you if you pitch stories accordingly.
-Make sure you know the publication you are pitching to and the journalist’s beat!
-By continuously pitching stories that are relevant, the media will begin to respect you and will start jumping for the phone when you call!

Tina’s special weapon (shhh!):
-Taking people out to lunch! She has learned that it is the best way to get to know someone and build a relationship.

Important attributes that Tina looks for:
-Don’t have entitlement issues (aka-you think you deserve the world upon graduation)
-Hardworking and driven
-Someone who makes things happen, and most importantly…
-Be fun to work with!!!

Tina’s predictions:
-Video will be the thing of the future (so make sure know it and know it well!).
-TV and internet will merge together (as it has already begun to).
-Agencies will change. Tina predicts that agencies will hire specialty workers that are relevant to the account at hand. These workers will change with the accounts (so basically, LEARN A SPECIALTY!).

To learn more about Tina and her agency, Breslow Partners, visit:

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