Persuasive Speaking

Here are some tips successful speakers use as persuasive strategies in speeches and discussions:

Yes-Yes: Begin with points and subjects that will create a pattern of “yes” answers. If the audience tends to agree with what you have to offer at first, then they are more willing to agree with the conclusion you are about to develop.

Commitment: Incorporate the idea of commitment to some sort of action to your audiences. Leave the door open for opportunity.

Ask for more, Settle for less: Its good to ask for more, because then you’ll be ok with settling for less. Submit your complete version, but then be willing to compromise by dropping certain parts.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Repeat the main messages frequently. Repeat key points in headline, text, body, captions, illustrations, etc.

Avoid Distractions: Stay away from complex arguments. Remain focused, organized, as well as keeping on task and on topic!

*Some information taken from
Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics
D. Wilcox, G. Cameron, P. Ault, W. Agee
8th Edition 2007

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