Ten Tips for Razzle Dazzle Resumes and Killer Cover Letters

Last semester, Aimee Cirucci, an educator, a writer, and a communications professional spoke to PRSSA about creating the perfect resume and cover letter to help you land your dream job or internship. Here are the 10 tips she provided for us:

1. You’re applying for a job in PR; the least you can do is be your own best advocate. A resume is more than informational, it should be motivational.
2. Focus on the employer’s needs- not your own. Sure, you’d like to telecommute from Tahiti but this is about what the employer needs, not what you need or want! Besides, what you really need is a job.
3. Be honest! Use your resume to showcase your best self, but yourself nonetheless.
4. Do sweat the small stuff. In a resume and cover letter, there is no small stuff. It’s all important.
5. Entertain ’em from the start. Your resume and cover letters are your “first” impression. Make them count.
6. What’s your point? Include an objective. Without an objective you have no direction.
7. Be specific. Back up assertions with evidence.
8. Be an e-dult. Don’t be undermined by your internet presence.
9. Use everything. You don’t need to be paid to have gained valuable experience.
10. Follow up. Don’t be a stalker but do be persistent.

ONE BONUS TIP: Destroy your life plan! Or at least keep it flexible…

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