How to Google the RIGHT way

Most everybody loves using the Google search engine for looking up recipes, finding maps and looking up people’s names to see if any juicy information comes up. However, some people do not feel that Google is a trustworthy search engine. Many professors do not want their students doing research because they may find false information. BUT…there is a smart way to use Google!

-Use Google Scholar, where you can find articles from reputable sources instead of something like Wikipedia, where anyone can contribute to an article.

-Google News opens you up to any news articles and anything that is currently in the news.

-Be smart about your searches. Try to narrow it down to the most specific thing you’re looking for. For example, if you want contact information for a specific writer of a newspaper type in his/her name, the name of the newspaper and + contact information at the end.

-You will be surprised what you can find on Google, as long as you’re smart about it!

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