PR Crisis for 2008 Olympic Games

PR extends far beyond what many people seem to believe. A lot of students think that PR is working for a company, working at a firm, or representing a celebrity, but there is a whole world of PR out there that many do not know about. International PR is one of these types of PR that does not get talked about quite as much as the others. International public relations will become increasingly important in the coming months as Beijing prepares for the 2008 Olympics. The Tibetan crisis is continuously getting more coverage in the U.S. media as the world questions whether China can host the Olympic games. Check out this article that describes the crisis and the problem it poses for the Olympics and the international community:


“China’s communist leadership has faced a public relations disaster since protests of its rule turned violent March 14 in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, sparking waves of unrest in surrounding provinces. China reported a death toll of 22 from the violence, but Tibet’s exiled government says 80 Tibetans were killed. Nineteen died in subsequent violence in Gansu province, it said.
A rising chorus of international criticism and floated calls for a boycott have unnerved the Chinese leadership, which has turned up efforts to put its own version of the unrest before the international public.”-from an AP report on

The Olympics has PR people who need to decide what to do about China’s actions. What do you think the PR people for the Olympics think? However, China’s PR people have a severely different idea of what to do.

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