Tip of the Day

Important Steps in creating a flyer (or, flier):

1) Research the publics you want to convey your message to, and also the places where the flyer will reach the most people within the publics.

2) Brainstorm any piece of information that you may want your public to see about your event or promotion.

3) Discuss amongst the account team and the creative director the “feel” you want the flyer to have. Do you want it to be simple and clean? Or, do you want it to be bold and bright? Etc.

4) Most important step: As a PR practitioner, it is your responsibility to design the copy for the flyer. The creative can decide where to put the copy when designing the flyer, but it is vital that the copy is made by you, the PR practitioner. It is the PR practitioner’s duty to convey a certain message to the public, so you need to control what the copy says.

5) After the draft of the flyer is done, edit it! It is important to leave time for this step. The flyer will go through many stages, and go back and forth between PR and creative. Don’t worry though, you will eventually come to the perfect flyer!

6) Once you think the flyer is ready, and the firm and the creative have approved, take it to the client! The flyer will have your client’s name on it, so they need to approve what their public is going to see. This is very important to do before printing and posting the flyer. The client may have slight changes or large changes. Changes can include the following and more: different color scheme, different pictures, copyright issues, added information, etc.

7) After the flyer has been approved by all parties, it is time to start printing. Black and white or color? Regular paper or glossy? What size? The list goes on. All of this information should be decided upon already, and is very dependent on the budget of the client.

8) Now, after you print it, post it! Make sure to post the flyer in targeted areas where your public is likely to see the message in as high of a volume as possible.

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