Tip of the Day

A very important thing that people in public relations need to be aware about is the AP Stylebook. Writing in AP style is key for public relations professionals. When you send out a press release to a newspaper and your story is not in AP style, they will get rid of it. They won’t even consider publishing it in their papers. Here are a few tips:

-Go out and buy an AP Stylebook, or register for the online version.

-Always remember to be consistent when writing anything.

-Proofread your work for spelling, grammar and, most importantly, AP style.

-If you’re unsure about the way you spelled something or anything, just check to book! It doesn’t hurt to flip through the book and check it.

-Double check everything.

-Make sure there are not any errors. When you send your work off and it is inconsistent and has errors, it doesn’t look professional at all.

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