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Objectivity is one of the most important aspects of public relations. You are faced with hundreds of messages a day; messages on billboards, television, radio, magazines, etc. There is advertising, which is a direct message to the public, but it is subjective. The organization paid for the ad and they can say whatever they want on it, but a second opinion by an objective party will most likely not be included.

Public relations relies on media to receive our message, and publish our story because they believe it will be helpful and useful for their publics. Public relations may feed their organization’s message, but it is up to an objective party, the media, to decide whether our message should be heard.

Because of this objectivity, we have a greater advantage. People read newspapers and mostly believe what they are told. People rely on news to inform them and teach them, and by our message being included, it will hopefully persuade and create an action within the public, objectively and respectfully.

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