Tip of the Day

Everyone knows that email communication is huge these days. So, though it seems simple and obvious: we must remember to proofread our emails.

When you’re emailing in the business world, it’s not just casual conversation. It’s easy to type up a quick, conversational email without worrying about spelling, capitalization, punctuation or paragraphs. But don’t fall into that trap!

Emails are still a form of written communication. Think about it- when you receive an email from a colleague (or even a friend, for that matter) that is full of errors, does it look professional to you? Does it look credible?

These emails look lazy, not well-crafted. Take the time to make your emails look presentable, even if you’re writing to a friend. Don’t let messy emails become a habit that will ruin your professional credibility.

*Some information taken from CornerBarPR Tips and Tricks

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