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The importance of reaching out to specific media contacts…

When sending out news releases or media alerts, it is extremely important to send them to the right people!

Usually when covering an event, promoting a new product, or even making an announcement, there are certain target audiences you want to get the message to. For example, if you were promoting a local fashion show, you would want to contact the fashion and style, entertainment or local sections of the newspaper. In which case, it would be best to send your news release to the editor in charge of that particular section. Also, be sure to address the editor or administrator by name, in your e-mail or addressed envelope.

One of the easiest ways to find specific contacts is with a media guide book. These books are usually published in relation to regional areas, and are usually updated each year. For Philadelphia, there is the “Greater Philadelphia Media Guide,” which includes an extensive list of media outlets. These outlets include daily and community newspapers; special interest and trade publications; ethnic and foreign language publications; college and university student newspapers; national publications produced locally; websites, wire services and news bureaus; cable TV shows; radio stations; television stations; and broadcast interview programs.

The Internet is yet another source that can be used to find the specific contact you might need to reach out to. Check the websites of magazines, newspapers and other medias, to find out the phone numbers, addresses or e-mails of the principal contact person.

Remember, sending your news release or media alert to the wrong person will not benefit you, so take the time and do a little research beforehand. Make sure the person you send your materials to is someone who has an interest in what you have to offer them.

*Some info taken from the Greater Philadelphia Media Guide 2006

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