Tip of the Day

Many college students are planning on doing an internship in the summer. In order to get the internship, you must ace the interview! Here are some tips to show your potential employer that you’re ready for an internship.

  • Before the interview even begins, RESEARCH the company. Why will the company want to hear what you can do for them, if you don’t even know what they do? Use the internet to research the company and be prepared to mention something you learned while researching. Your potential employer will be impressed that you know something about them already.
  • Dress professionally. Show your potential employer that you are ready for the professional world by dressing the part. Sloppiness at an interview will only tell the company that you may be immature and not ready for the working world.
  • Firm Handshake. When you begin the interview, firmly shake the interviewer’s hand while making eye contact.
  • Bring a portfolio! Don’t come to the interview empty handed. Have a portfolio ready with some of your PR work, course work, and writing samples to show the potential employer. They will be impressed that you have taken the time to put all of your work together, and will get a chance to see what you have done.
  • Be enthusiastic about the job and what you want to do in the future. Employers want to see your enthusiasm because it says a lot about your personality and how you might interact with other employees and clients.
  • Write a Thank-You note. It’s so simple to do, and shows the potential employer that you appreciated them taking time out of their day to speak to you. It will also help them remember you when they are deciding who to employ.

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