Tip of the Day

This past October, Rich Jernstadt served as the keynote speaker at the PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia. He spoke about six ways that college can prepare us for careers in PR:

1. COURSEWORK. Be flexible. Get as much as you can from your PR classes, but make sure to expand your horizons and check out other classes that you’re interested in. A broad knowledge base is key.

2. LEARN TO LEARN. Be curious. When you hear about something interesting, learn everything you can about it. Talk to people about current events. Ask questions when you don’t understand.

3. WRITE. Be clear, concise, correct and quick. Don’t let anyone tell you that writing is not important. It’s essentially and must be done flawlessly.

4. JUGGLE. Take on lots of responsibility- see how much you can do! Don’t just sit around your dorm room watching MTV- in today’s world, your resume needs to jump out at everyone who reads it.

5. GLOBAL. Learn a language. Study abroad. Do whatever you can to become more global. Our world is becoming bigger and bigger and nothing is out of reach- take advantage of it!

6. WHO ARE YOU? Figure out what separates you from the rest. Your activities, interests and extra-curriculars can define you- make sure you are who your resume says you are. If you aren’t, change it to reflect your true personality.

These are all important points to consider – there’s always more you can be doing to prepare for the future. (and don’t forget to have fun doing it!)

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