Tip of the Day

You always hear people saying journalism and PR go hand in hand. How, you may wonder. Two words: Press Release.

A press release can come in many different forms. It can be an announcement of coming events, about a cause, or to build up someones name or organization.

Here are a few helpful hints for writing a fabulous press release:

-Don’t forget to put your contact information in the top right-hand corner of the press release. How can you expect to be covered by a publication if they can’t contact you for more information?
-Put the words FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE at the top of the paper. Media outlets will know that timing is important for this piece of news and consider it for…well…immediate release.
-Please check spelling and grammar. Also, most, if not all publications use the AP style, so it would be helpful to familarize yourself with this format. A journalist will not take a release seriously if it isn’t up to journalistic standards.
-Send the press release to the proper person: If your press release is about a college organization, send the release to the education editor of a newspaper. Sending it to the editor in chief or another section’s editor will not be of any help to you. In fact, it may hurt you. Newspapers like to see that PR people know the media, and where to correctly send their releases.

Some information taken from: News Reporting and Writing, The Missouri Group, 8th editon

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