Tip of the Day

Have an interview? One of the most important things to do during that interview is GET A BUSINESS CARD!

Whether the interview goes well or not you need to get their contact information. If the interview goes well you’re going to want to write a thank you letter to tell them how appreciative you are. If the interview goes badly you want to write them a thank you letter to tell them how appreciative you are and also turn things around. If you messed up an answer in the interview, answer the question for them again in the letter. Also, if you forgot to mention anything now is the time to tell them.

You want to make sure you state why you will be a good fit with the company. They probably aren’t looking to do you any favors; they’re going to hire you because it will be beneficial to their company, so make sure they know how you will be a great asset to their team.

A handwritten (make sure it’s neatly written!) thank you letter is personal and goes a long way. A hardcopy letter is also acceptable though. Overnight the letter to make sure they get it the next day and you stay fresh in their minds. If you feel it is more appropriate, write an email. Although it is the quickest, email can be risky because the company that the employer works for may have filters and your email may not get through!

Writing a thank you letter can cement the job for you, and not writing a thank you letter can lose the job for you. Sounds like an easy choice to me!

So, in conclusion: get the business card, and then write the thank you letter! It is not painful, will only take about an hour (this long because you don’t want to throw it together, it is a representation of yourself and should be written this way), and will really leave a good impression with your potential employer.

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