Tip of the Day

Today’s helpful tip is about spelling and grammar.

When you’re writing something, whether it is an e-mail or a press release, always make sure you spell everything correctly! If someone important (like a prospective employer) is looking at it and they notice a simple error, they may think that you’re not cut out for the job and you won’t get hired.

Take advantage of spell check, it’s so simple! Also, some programs have a grammar check. Definitely use both of these because you may have spelled a word correctly, but it is not the word you want to use.

Make sure you use the correct form of words. Here are two big ones:

Your and You’re:
I hope you’re having a nice day, not I hope your having a nice day
Is this your coat?, not is this you’re coat?

There, Their and They’re:
There is a dog, not their is a dog or they’re is a dog.
This is their house, not this is there house or this is they’re house.
They’re going to the movies, not there going to the movies or their going to the movies.

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