Tip of the Day

The importance of networking and establishing relationships with people…

In order to be more successful in the Public Relations world and making yourself known, a lot depends on the connections you have made with other professionals within the same field. Building genuine and lasting relationships with the people you encounter or work with can only be beneficial later on. But don’t be afraid to establish relationships with people outside of your profession. You never know where you might end up down the road. Also, keep in mind; by maintaining positive relations with everyone you meet, they will more than likely remember you for it.

If you’re just getting started, talk to your family or relatives, see if anyone works or knows people within the same field you are searching. You could even go to a job fair and meet new people, just remember to make good impressions!

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! You can’t get noticed, unless you speak up.

The saying usually goes, “It’s all about who you know, but it might more correctly be, “who knows you.

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