Tip of the Day

Today, Temple professor Scott Gratson spoke with PRSSA students at our weekly meeting. We learned a few tips from his presentation that we’d like to share with all of you.

-BE A NEWS JUNKIE. Always be checking out the local, national and international headlines. Not only will knowledge of current events be useful in an interview setting, but it will be beneficial in every area of your life. Current events have power- they connect people.

-GO ABROAD. Whether it’s a semester-long program, a work-study trip after graduation or volunteering during school breaks, make sure travel is a priority. In our increasingly global society, few things are more impressive than time spent abroad.

-THERE’S LIFE AND LEARNING BEYOND PR. As important as our SToC curriculum is, we should be interested in a variety of topics. Our degree isn’t called Bachelor of Arts for nothing. We should strive to learn more about the arts, philosophy, politics, history – any and all subjects that you find interesting. You can use it all to your advantage.

Take these three points to heart- get out there and grab the New York Times, apply for a passport, and pay attention in your core classes!

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