Tip of the Day

Starting today, PRowl Public Relations will be bringing you PR tips Monday through Friday! Don’t worry, we will still be updating you frequently on the progress of the firm, but we want you, our readers, to benefit from our blog and to learn a little bit more about Public Relations!

Get Involved:

As cliche as it may sound, get involved in everything PR related AND non-related as you can. When you apply for an internship or a job, businesses like to see EXPERIENCE and VARIETY.

Experience is key. Anything you do that is related to Public Relations is something worth noting on your resume or placing into your portfolio. Joining PRSSA is a great step because it leads to many different opportunities, such as joining a firm, a fundraising committee, or simply listening to speakers and getting contacts for the future.

Variety is also important because it shows businesses that you are well-rounded and have interests other than PR. Also, having experience in other areas will let employers know that you have other skills that they may need, helping your resume to stand out in the pile.

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